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    How To Finance Your Medical Procedure Abroad


    As the cost of medical procedures increases, more Americans are considering traveling abroad to undergo surgeries and treatments. There are many countries around the world where one can receive the same level of medical care as they would in the States but at a fraction of the cost.

    What Is Medical Tourism

    Even with health insurance, certain procedures can result in a large out of pocket expense. This is especially true for procedures that the healthcare provider deems to be elective. Those in this situation are typically left with a hefty bill. These expenses can be challenging for people with limited financial resources.

    For this reason, more Americans have turned to medical tourism as a solution. Simply put, medical tourism refers to the act of traveling outside of one’s country to receive medical treatment. This option is appealing to many individuals since the overall cost, even when travel and accommodations are factored in, is usually a fraction of what it would be in America. 

    Best Countries For Medical Tourism

    • Brazil: With over one million cosmetic surgeries performed every year, Brazil is known to have some of the world's most skilled surgeons. While the country is known for plastic surgery, it offers a wide array of non-cosmetic procedures as well
    • Mexico: Americans have long been traveling across the border to take advantage of the relatively inexpensive medical treatments the country offers. Knee replacement surgery, dental care, and cosmetic procedures are the most commonly sought out surgeries by Americans
    • Russia: Although a bit further away than the two previously mentioned countries, Russia offers world-class medical treatment at a much lower cost than one would find in America. Being the location of numerous medical advancements throughout the years, Russia has a rich history of medical excellence
    • Costa Rica: Often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica produces some of the best doctors in Latin America
    • India: Over the last four decades, India has become a world leader in medical technology, producing some of the world's top doctors as a result
    • Thailand: Thai people have a penchant for plastic surgery. As a result, the country has produced quality doctors to meet the demand. This makes the country a great candidate for medical tourism

    How Much Can You Save

    When it comes to medical procedures, nearly all countries will be cheaper than the United States. However, costs still vary from country to country. When looking at a price, it’s important to consider the cost of travel and accommodations as well. The cost of a particular procedure will depend on a variety of factors. 

    Below is a list of common surgeries. 

    United States



    Costa Rica


    Cardiac Bypass






    Knee Replacement






    Hip Replacement












    Gastric Bypass






    Financing Options For Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism offers individuals access to quality medical treatments at a much lower cost. Still, not everyone will have the economic resources to pay for these procedures. Those in this situation will be happy to hear that they have several financing options available to them.

    • Payment plan: Many reputable clinics will offer payment plans to American patients. The terms of the plans vary greatly from clinic to clinic. Some will offer 0% interest while others may charge somewhat of a high-interest rate. It’s important to look closely at the terms of the agreement since some may have costly fees and service charges
    • Credit card: Depending on the cost of the procedure, some people choose to finance their medical tourism expenses with their credit card. While this may get the job done, it’s not the best option since credit cards typically carry high-interest rates
    • Medical loans: While most major banks won’t approve loans for medical tourism, many online lenders will. When shopping for a loan, it’s important to compare medical loan offerings from several different lenders. Pay close attention to interest rates and fees

    Medical Tourism Loans

    Medical tourism offers many benefits. It provides Americans with access to quality medical services at an affordable price. Unfortunately, even with the massive savings, many are still left wondering how they’ll pay for their medical treatment. Luckily, several online lenders offer loans to individuals who are looking to partake in medical tourism.

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