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    Is LASIK Surgery Worth It?

    Wearing glasses and contact lenses can be a hassle - especially if you take part in active sports or spend a lot of time in nature. One of the biggest vision care advances in recent decades is LASIK surgery which promises to restore your natural vision so that you don’t need them anymore - but is it worth it?

    In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this popular procedure to help you make your decision. We’ll also cover some of the ways you can finance your laser eye surgery with bad credit.

    The Benefits

    Many patients have undergone a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure and found themselves able to see better than ever before - and all within a few days of their surgery. Your doctor will use a laser to make small changes to the surface of your cornea and make your vision clearer and sharper.

    • The operation takes place under local anesthetic at your ophthalmologist’s office - and it can take as little as 20 minutes per eye. You could be done with your surgery by the end of the morning and some patients have even been known to schedule it over a long lunchtime. 
    • There’s a good chance that your vision will improve drastically after LASIK surgery. In fact, you have a 20%-30% chance of attaining 20/20 vision. This improvement is usually big enough to let the patient forget about glasses altogether. 
    • The recovery time is exceptionally fast. Most patients are back at work within days and see an improvement in their vision in 48-72 hours. This is remarkable compared to more invasive types of eye surgery that can take weeks to heal and require patients to wear eye patches for an extended period of time. 
    • No more need for glasses or contact lenses. The sheer convenience of not needing to look for your glasses or carry lens solution and cases with you is enough to convince some people to schedule surgery. If you take part in high impact sports, swim regularly, or enjoy spending time in the outdoors, you’ll benefit from having excellent natural eyesight and not needing visual aids. 
    • It’s quite affordable. At a cash price of $1000 to $3000 per eye, it’s not impossible to restore your vision to near-perfect condition. Vision care loans can help you pay for this procedure since many insurers don’t cover it fully or at all.

    The Drawbacks

    Every type of surgery has potential complications and disadvantages. Before you apply for LASIK eye surgery financing, you’ll want to consider some of these characteristics as you weigh up your decision. 

    • You May Not Be Eligible For Surgery: Patients over 40 may already have developed a condition called presbyopia (hardening of the lens), which makes LASIK surgery less likely to succeed. If this is the case, your doctor may recommend an alternative type of surgery called PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy).
    • It Can Cause Dry Eyes: Some patients have reported dryness in their eyes for several months after the surgery. This irritating and sometimes painful condition can be addressed by using artificial tears and often resolves in a few months - but it’s a risk you should be aware of. 
    • The Flaps Aren’t Damage Proof: During the operation your eye surgeon will make tiny flaps in your cornea. These aren’t stitched or otherwise secured, and can be damaged by excessive eye rubbing or exertion. If this should happen you’ll need to go to hospital quite urgently and have corrective surgery.
    • You May Need Another Surgery In The Future: While most patients don’t require further operations it’s possible that your vision could start to weaken again in the future. In that scenario, you’d need another LASIK procedure to restore your eyesight to optimum levels. However, it’s highly unlikely that your vision would end up worse than it was before your first surgery. 

    Is It For You?

    LASIK offers some serious advantages as well as a few minor drawbacks. For most younger patients, the procedure looks good on balance - especially because it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require a lengthy recovery time. 

    • If you’re keen to free yourself of the need to wear glasses and contact lenses - and save money on these items in the long term - you’ll want to start looking for a LASIK surgeon in your area. 
    • With an approximate cost of between $2000 and $6000 or more for both eyes, you may need to apply for LASIK eye surgery financing with bad credit if your credit history is weaker. 
    • Having a credit score under 650 won’t prevent you from getting a medical loan or credit card but you may end up paying a higher APR. You could also finance your surgery by dipping into your savings if you have several months’ worth of living expenses saved up. 

    Bottom Line

    LASIK surgery is fast, effective, and relatively painless. While the risk of your vision returning to its former state and dry eyes can’t be ignored, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and overall safety of this procedure. The costs of having this surgery can arrive at several thousand dollars, but it’s easier to finance your treatment by applying for vision care loans online.