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    The Costs Of Plastic Surgery And How To Finance It

    Plastic Surgery Prices

    Plastic surgery is an important and sometimes essential type of medical procedure that helps nearly 20 million Americans improve their appearances annually. While the benefits of this treatment are well known and worth it for many people, the costs involved can be significant. 

    If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure soon, you’ll want to know how much to budget for before you secure financing and finalize your surgery. Let’s take a detailed look at the expenses involved and how you can cover them using medical loans.

    The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

    There are several reasons why a patient may opt for a surgical procedure.

    Popular operations like facelifts, breast enlargements and reductions, post-natal makeovers, and liposuction are mainly aimed at enhancing your physical appearance. However, other types of plastic surgeries may be necessary to reconstruct parts of the body that have been injured in an accident or due to illness.

    Today, we’ll be focusing mostly on voluntary cosmetic surgeries. There are several benefits associated with this type of treatment. 

    • Enhanced physical appearance. If there’s something about your face or body that has always troubled you, there’s probably more than one surgical option available to modify or correct it
    • Increased confidence. Like it or not, we live in a world that tends to judge people on their appearance. Surgery could be the ideal way to deal with any aesthetic issues that are preventing you from feeling and doing your best in your personal and professional life 
    • Health and wellness. Some plastic surgeries may include a medical and aesthetic component, like a nose job, that both improve the appearance of your face and resolves an existing condition like a deviated septum

    There are almost as many types of surgical procedures as there are benefits. You’ll find an outline of some of the most popular types of procedures in the section below. 

    Main Types Of Plastic Surgery 

    There are dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures available today with new techniques and operations being developed all the time. However, most patients who visit a surgeon to discuss appearance-enhancement will end up signing up for one of the following popular procedures. 

    • Dermabrasion. This minimally invasive technique involves enhanced exfoliation of the skin to remove fine lines, blemishes, and other types of discoloration. It’s typically performed at your dermatologist’s office and you’ll be able to return to your work and daily life shortly after the procedure is complete
    • Breast enhancements and reductions. This popular treatment is available for both genders but tends to be more popular with female patients. While the trend for enlargement using silicone implants was especially prevalent in the 1990s and 2000s, the current popularity of breast reductions has added a new dimension to this type of surgery
    • Eyelid surgery. Also known by its medical term blepharoplasty, this procedure addresses the issue of droopy eyelids that affect many people as they age. After a recovery period of two to four weeks, you’ll be healed and ready to resume your everyday activities
    • Facelifts. This may be the best-known type of cosmetic surgery with more than 120,000 operations performed in 2019 alone. Over the years, medical technology has delivered faster healing times and an entirely natural facial appearance following the procedure. Recovery takes several weeks on average
    • Liposuction. The removal of excess body fat through suction technology has allowed millions of people to transform their bodies without the need for punishing diets and strenuous exercise. This treatment has advanced to the stage where some patients can receive their therapy during their lunch break under local anesthetic and resume normal activities almost immediately
    • Nose job. A rhinoplasty may be the ideal way to give yourself the facial appearance you always wanted or address longstanding sinus or breathing issues. The transformative nature of this surgery means that you’ll need several weeks to recover, and you may only see the desired results a few months after your procedure when the swelling has subsided
    • Tummy tuck. This physically enhancing surgery is also known as abdominoplasty and involves loosening the abs while removing fat and loose skin from the stomach area. People who are struggling to lose the last few pounds on their weight loss plan or women who have recently given birth often opt to undergo this popular procedure to flatten their midsection

    Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular cosmetic procedures, you may be wondering what these operations will cost you. While the exact price will differ depending on your surgeon, the hospital you’re admitted to, and your state and city, the section below will outline each procedure’s average price.

    Price Ranges For Plastic Surgery 

    Before you apply for a plastic surgery loan to cover the cost of your procedure, you’ll want to know what kind of figure to expect. The table below lists the average expense you may expect to pay as a private patient in the US. 

    Plastic Surgery Type

    Estimated Cost 

    Breast Enlargement


    Breast Reduction


    Eyelid Surgery 








    Nose Job


    Tummy Tuck 


    How To Finance Plastic Surgery 

    One of the tricky aspects of paying for a voluntary surgical procedure is that most health insurers won’t cover the costs. This is especially true of beauty-enhancing treatments that are considered strictly cosmetic. 

    Fortunately, there are several ways you can secure the funds you need to pay for your procedure - even in the challenging economic times we’re living through right now. The following financing options are worth considering as you prepare for your surgery. 

    • Medical credit cards. These lending products can only be used for medical expenses (including plastic surgery financing) and they come with several benefits like competitive APRs, reward programs, an introductory 0% interest period that can help you pay down your debt faster
    • Home equity financing. If you have sufficient equity in your mortgage after a few years of paying it off, you may be able to borrow against this amount with a HELOC (home equity line of credit) 
    • Using your savings. It’s recommended that every household has three to six months’ of savings in an emergency fund. If you’ve exceeded this amount, you may want to use this account to finance your surgery and pay yourself back over several months
    • Bad credit personal loans. Loans for plastic surgery are available for customers with low FICO scores. The lenders listed in the section below specialize in this portion of the credit market and won’t exclude applicants with a low score 

    Top 5 Plastic Surgery Loans 

    If you’re looking for affordable financing with fast application approvals and lending terms that accommodate bad credit, you may want to give plastic surgery loans some serious consideration. 

    The lenders listed below offer a range of loan amounts at competitive APRs. Here are some of the benefits of applying to each company. 

    • Sofi. Catering to customers with relatively good credit, this lender offers some of the lowest APRs in the online lending industry. Loan amounts range between $5,000 and $10,000, making Sofi ideal for plastic surgery financing
    • Laurel Road. With no origination fees and fast loan approvals, this lender offers both financing and refinancing options for a range of expenses, including medical procedures
    • One Main. This loan company is one of the most accessible lenders offering cosmetic surgery loans. Applicants with bad credit stand a good chance of approval provided that they have a regular income and stable employment
    • Discover. Another lender with quick application times and various refinancing options, Discover offers loan amounts up to $35,000. This amount can cover the cost of the most popular cosmetic procedures
    • Prosper Loans. This innovative Peer to Peer lending institution allows you to register, create a profile, and pitch yourself to prospective funders. The funding time may be longer than that of other lenders, but you could benefit from more affordable APRs and generous loan amounts if you have reasonably good credit


    Plastic surgery is a type of medical treatment that has the potential to bring about real transformation in your appearance and improve your daily life. 

    The challenge of paying for this type of procedure, which isn’t usually covered by health insurance, can be overcome by opting for a comprehensive medical financing solution. Bad credit medical loans are especially useful for this purpose, and you may want to consider this option as you plan your surgery budget.