Earnest: See if the Rates, Fees, and Terms on Medical Loans Work For You

Earnest provides low-interest loans for several different purposes. Their specialty is using extra data sets that other lenders don’t use, which helps them to calculate their low rates.

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    They take into account your career trajectory, savings patterns, and investments to provide you with a rate suited to you. Earnest lending company offers a variety of products; these include student loan refinancing, private student loans, and a number of personal loans, including Earnest medical loans. It is a lending company that aims to give responsible borrowers more financial options and to enable them to take control using technology and a good customer interface.

    What Loans Does Earnest Offer?

    The loans that Earnest offers can be split into several categories. Their private student loans category covers a range of educational purposes. There are loans for undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as medical school, business school, and law school. Earnest also offers a number of different personal loans. These range from credit card consolidation, medical loans, and home improvement loans, to engagement ring loans, moving loans, vacation loans, and wedding loans. These aren’t the only things you can use the personal loan for, as it could be for a security deposit, or career development and many other things besides these. We’re taking a closer look at the kinds of medical loans available from Earnest.

    Earnest Plastic Surgery Loans

    The medical loan offered by Earnest could be used as a plastic surgery loan. Whether you are looking for a small loan to cover the difference between your insurance and the procedure cost, or if you need to fund the majority of your chosen plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, you could consider taking out a loan with Earnest.

    Earnest Dental Loans

    Dental procedures for one person can be quite expensive, and we know the price rises further when you are covering dental costs for the whole family. Even with dental insurance, you might not be covered for the entire cost of the work that is required. With a low-interest rate loan from Earnest, you can borrow the amount required and choose your preferred monthly payment. We can see how this might help to balance your finances, while still taking care of important procedures that can put a stop to the pain and prevent further health complications.

    Earnest Bariatric Financing

    We know that once you have made an informed decision about weight-loss surgery, whether it is a gastric bypass or gastric band, or another form, you might then need to find ways to cover the financial costs.  We think it's best to explore and understand your options. You can apply online for a fixed-rate loan with Earnest, but there is also someone available to reach out to if you need to discuss the terms and conditions of the loan.

    Earnest Fertility Financing

    Earnest pride themselves on offering a personalized service, which helps them to build relationships with their clients. We think this human touch is ideal for those looking for personal loans to finance fertility treatments.

    Earnest Vision Care Loan

    We can see the benefits of taking out a loan for LASIK eye surgery. With Earnest, once you have completed the surgery and no longer need lenses or glasses, you could use the money you are saving to make extra or early payments without any fees.

    Earnest Hearing Aid Loan

    We know that when it comes to your health, it is of paramount importance, and a medical procedure, more often than not, is life-changing.  Earnest offers options for hearing aid loans where you can manage the cost without any unexpected fees.

    Earnest Hair Restoration Loan

    Hair transplants can be a costly elective surgery. Earnest provides low-interest loans with monthly repayments that could enable you to consider moving ahead with the procedure.

    Earnest Veterinary Loan

    Medical emergencies occur for every member of the family, including your pets. While we like to have pet insurance to give us peace of mind, we know that there are upfront and excess payments that need to be covered. A quick decision about a veterinary loan from Earnest can put you in a position to pay for these costs and care for your pet without further stress.

    Earnest Customer Service

    There are several ways to get the support you need from Earnest. They have a help center with answers to general questions, guidance on applying for loans, and information about repaying your loan. There are dedicated sections to student loan refinancing, private student loans, and personal loans. Each customer has access to their dashboard, where they can see information about their loan and make changes to their account. We like the fact that you can submit a request through the online contact form, or call earnest during business hours. They have dedicated staff members who respond to your calls and emails.

    Earnest Fees

    We found earnest to be pretty upfront about their fees. Loan information and applications are processed online, which brings down costs for Earnest. They pass the savings onto customers with lower rates and very few fees. Earnest doesn’t charge origination fees, or fees for prepayment, early payment, or extra payment. If a payment made towards your loan is returned, earnest might charge you up to $8 to pay charges issued by the institution processing the returned payment.

    Earnest Pros and Cons

    My duty is to offer you the best review that you can get into the Medical loans area, as part of my process I try to be as neutral as I can to give you a clear and clean feedback.


    • Easy online process
    • Quick decision
    • Low-interest rates
    • The decision is based on more information than typical lenders
    • Option to pay early or extra
    • No origination fees


    • Not available in all states
    • No option to co-sign a personal loan

    How to Apply for Earnest Loans

    You can apply for an Earnest loan using their online application form. We recommend checking out their eligibility guidelines first, so that you know if you meet the basic criteria before you start. The guidelines also provide factors that, if you meet them, are strong indicators of approval. This all helps to make the Earnest loan application easier.

    Applying to Earnest With Bad Credit

    The good thing about Earnest is that they look at more than just your credit score when approving a loan. They build a financial profile that pulls information from sources such as your cash flow, debt-to-income ratio, and your savings habits. It is possible to find medical loans for bad credit borrowers. Of course, that doesn’t mean anyone with bad credit will be successful. Earnest look for any history of missed payments, recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, both of which could be reasons for not approving a loan.

    My Conclusion About Earnest Services

    There are a lot of advantages to Earnest loans and in particular Earnest medical loans. Their broader and more personal approach to lending means that their services could serve more customers than a traditional lender. The personalized approach also means more when it comes to medical loans and their uses, such as paying for medical emergencies.