FreedomPlus: Reviewed and Explained

For those seeking a larger loan but are hesitant to apply to an online personal lender because of a low credit score, FreedomPlus is a company worth getting to know. FreedomPlus is unique amongst personal lenders with its methods for qualifying applicants based on criteria other than just their credit score.

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    Past reliability with debt repayment, retirement funding and income are all considered, allowing those who may have previously been rejected by similar companies to obtain a necessary loan. With the exceptional opportunity for loan cosigners and the assigning of personal consultants for every applicant, FreedomPlus stands out amidst its competitors for its flexibility and accommodation. FreedomPlus’ user-friendly website, simple application process and personal consultations make its fluidity second to none. 

    The Procedures Your Loan Can Be Used For

    There are a number of medical procedures that are generally not covered by the majority of medical care providers and the costs for those operations can sometimes appear insurmountable. This is where a FreedomPlus medical loan can really be a source of trusted financial aid if you ever find yourself in need.

    Medically required conditions non-withstanding, people might be hard pressed to find a care provider that will cover plastic surgery or hair-restoration expenses so a FreedomPlus loan should be their first choice when searching for the correct lender. The more common surgeries can range from $5000 to $15,000, with hair-restoration in a similar price bracket. Combine this with costs of aftercare and they can easily come into the range of what FreedomPlus can offer. 

    Unfortunately, many crucial aspects of health are not covered by most. The importance of dental health, the indispensability of vision and hearing, the national concern over weight-related illness and the miracle of fertility treatment are all vital. Yet there are times when the recommendations of your dentist, life-altering bariatric surgeries, hearing device or glasses upkeep and the medication and procedures of IVF paired with regular check-ups are unaffordable. A FreedomPlus medical loan can be the answer. 

    Our pets are just as susceptible to illness as we are yet we are likely to be turned down for a loan at a traditional bank. With a FreedomPlus loan, you can keep your pets in as good health as yourself.

    Refinancing Options

    A quick exploration of its user-friendly website will provide a brief mention of the consolidation of debt as one of the options available. FreedomPlus provides only one plan on the website, with no additional data or plan related specifically to the option of refinancing. However, research finds that the consolidation of debt and discounts relating to said debt are one of the strengths of FreedomPlus, with specific discounting and rates available for those aiming to repay existing debt. In another of the strengths of the service, each applicant is connected with a personal loan consultant to assist with and qualify the applicant for a loan. The option for utilizing a FreedomPlus loan for refinancing and the applicable discounts for such may be discussed with the consultant at this stage.

    Customer Service

    • Based in Tempe, Arizona, FreedomPlus offers multiple methods with which to contact the company.
    • To begin, FreedomPlus offers in-person meetings at its headquarters in Arizona.
    • It accepts traditional mail to the PO Box in Phoenix, AZ.
    • It has a dedicated customer support line for each of the services it offers to clients (Borrowers and existing customers).
    • Finally, investors and the press can reach them via one of its dedicated email addresses.


    In terms of fees, FreedomPlus charges an origination fee on all loans taken out. This is a one-time only charge which is based on a percentage of the total loan amount and can range from 0% to 4.99%.

    One of the mottos of FreedomPlus is that the applicant is ‘more than their credit score’ and this is reflected in the calculation of the loan’s annual percentage rate (APR). FreedomPlus’ credit team bases its assessment of your credit’s worth on other factors than just your score, including your dependability with past payments and retirement savings.  The usual range of APR for applicants is between 6.99% and 26.99%. 

    Additionally, FreedomPlus does not charge a fee for early repayment, allowing you to repay the loan in full without incurring a further cost. 

    The Pros and Cons 


    • Maximum loan amount. FreedomPlus is the lender for those seeking to take out a larger loan amount. With a ceiling of $40,000, FreedomPlus loans can fit the needs of most users.
    • No early repayment fees. With no penalty fees for those wishing to make extra payments and reduce their payback period, as well as their interest, a FreedomPlus loan offers that extra facet of flexibility that most lenders do not.
    • Simplicity. The FreedomPlus website is effortless to navigate and applying for a loan is equally as painless. The applicant selects their desired loan amount using the slide-bar, gives their reasoning for applying for the loan, which state they belong to and their credit score, and then clicks the ‘Get My Loan button’. It is as simple as that. 
    • Professional consultants. After the application has been sent, the borrower will be assigned a personal consultant. This negates any of the guesswork and uncertainty of the arrangement and the consultant can tailor the loan to your exact needs.
    • Low APR. Those loanees with a great credit score, a cosigner or considerable retirement funds can qualify for a lower annual percentage rate of as little as 6.99%.
    • Expediency. FreedomPlus boasts that a decision can be made that same day. If the borrower is equally expedient with their documentation and the signing of the agreed upon contract, they can be expecting the finances to be granted in as quickly as 48 hours.


    • The origination fee. With every loan taken out from FreedomPlus there will be an origination fee incurred at up to 4.99% and this could speak to an additional $499 on a loan of $10,000. 
    • The minimum loan amount. FreedomPlus has a relatively high minimum loan amount of $7500 compared to some of its competitors, which may surpass some users’ needs.
    • The potential for cheaper options. In some cases, a FreedomPlus loan would represent the more expensive route. Even by obtaining the lowest interest rate by having an impeccable credit score, borrowing relatively low and agreeing to a reasonable pay back period, there are situations where a cheaper and more quickly realized option is superior, such as a 0% balance transfer card when dealing with credit card debt repayment. 

    How to Apply to FreedomPlus

    The application process for a FreedomPlus loan could not be simpler. The applicant selects the desired amount using the convenient slider-bar. Next, they will be asked for their reasoning for applying for the loan followed by their credit score and their current state. They are then prompted to click the ‘Get My Loan’ button. After this stage the applicant will be assigned a professional loan consultant who can tailor a quote to you based on your specific needs. If the interest rate is agreeable, the applicant is then asked to provide their identification, proof of income and bank account information. After a final credit check, the applicant will be required to sign the loan contract at which point they can receive their funds in as little as 48 hours.

    Applying to FreedomPlus with Bad Credit

    To apply for a FreedomPlus loan you must have, at a minimum, a credit score of 640. For those with less than perfect credit scores, FreedomPlus offers some unique options for qualifying for funding. FreedomPlus loans are one of the few personal loans offered with the option for a cosigner. A cosigner with a good credit rating and high income can allow you to come to better terms than applying personally. Similarly, qualification and more preferable terms can be reached through evidence of substantial retirement funds and examination of the applicant’s past reliability with repayment of debt. As FreedomPlus claims: “You are more than your credit score”, and this lender is an excellent choice for those concerned that their past credit score will bar them from obtaining a much-needed loan.


    FreedomPlus is the lender for those seeking larger loans of $7500 up to $40,000 quickly and with minimal hassle, to be paid back within two to five years. The simplicity of its website and application process coupled with its assigning of personal loan consultants allows the customer to come to an ideal arrangement on the terms of a loan specific to their needs. FreedomPlus’ unique options for those with poorer credit, through cosigning and past reliability, make for a truly accommodating system that is as uncomplicated as it is rapid. Those with excellent credit ratings can enjoy exceptionally low APR with larger loans starting at $12,000. FreedomPlus can offer a funding solution to a great many seeking to borrow larger amounts across a range of credit backgrounds.