Laurel Road: Medical Loan Lending Reviewed and Explained

Laurel Road is an online loans and refinancing company. They aim to make the process of applying for a loan simple while using smart tools and technology to create suitable loans for their customers.

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     Laurel Road lending company offers loans for several purposes, including debt consolidation, home improvements, and many other reasons.  The Laurel Road loans include, but are not limited to, graduate school loans, student refinancing, mortgages, and personal loans, including Laurel Road medical loans. They focus on providing low rates and flexible terms for their customers. Their processes are completed online, which means Laurel Road finance moves fast.

    What Loans does Laurel Road offer?

    There are few different categories of loans on offer from Laurel Road. As well as providing options for refinancing student loans, they also work with a number of graduate schools, including medical and dental schools to provide graduate school student loans. Laurel Road is also a mortgage lender, providing home loans for those looking to purchase a new home. They also offer personal loans, that can be used for those unexpected payments, or larger purchases. Their personal loans are suitable for weddings, home improvements, vacations, and credit card debt consolidation. Laurel Road provides medical loans that cover several requirements.

    Laurel Road Plastic Surgery Loans

    Laurel Road medical loans can be used for your plastic surgery needs. Your plastic surgery loan can cover the difference between your insurance and the cost of the procedure, or be used to fund elective surgery. Plastic surgery loans that you can access online and receive the funds within a matter of days are available at Laurel Road. You can easily check their rates from their website.

    Laurel Road Dental Loans

    Dental procedures can be costly and aren’t always covered by medical plans. Rather than avoid your trip to the dentist, you could consider a low rate loan from Laurel Road. Laurel Road dental loans can help you manage the financial burden of a dental procedure by providing low rates for monthly repayment.

    Laurel Road Bariatric Financing

    You may decide, after discussion with medical professionals, that a weight loss procedure, such as gastric band or gastric bypass, is right for you. Laurel Road’s bariatric financing options through a personal loan could assist you in proceeding with elective surgery that could impact your health.

    Laurel Road Fertility Financing

    Financing fertility treatments can be an expensive and stressful process with very rewarding results. For peace of mind about whether a Laurel Road personal loan will suit your needs, you can use their payment calculator to estimate your monthly payments.

    Laurel Road Vision Care Loan

    We identified Laurel Road as a potential option for funding LASIK eye surgery. With a personal loan from Laurel Road, you can get a 0.25% discount for making automated payments from your bank account, so not only do you get a good rate for your loan, but you can use the money you save from lenses or glasses to help with the repayments.

    Laurel Road Hearing Aid Loan

    The easy and fully online application process means you can take the application at your own pace when applying for a personal loan from Laurel Road to fund your hearing aid purchase or hearing loss treatment.

    Laurel Road Hair Restoration Loan

    A personal loan can provide potential means for paying for elective surgeries such as hair transplants. Laurel Road’s team of financial experts will consider your credit history and financial profile when completing the loan approval process for any hair restoration financing.

    Laurel Road Veterinary Loan

    Emergency medical treatment can extend to more than just you or your family. Your pet can also need expensive treatments and procedures. Personal finance in the form of a pet loan from Laurel Road could be a way to apply for funds and get confirmation quickly so that you can make sure your pet is taken care of by your vet.

    Laurel Road Customer Service

    The first place to look for answers to your questions about Laurel Road’s services is their FAQs page, which is divided into sections based on loan type. The information set out in these sections includes details regarding the time it takes to review documents submitted for application, the personal loan discounts on offer, and the loan terms.

    In order to support its customers with the decision-making process, and with getting what they need from the website, Laurel Road provides a live chat option directly from the site. The live chat is available six days a week, or alternatively, customers can ring the helpline from Monday to Friday. There is also a contact form on the site, as well as an inquiry email address for customers to find out more information or raise any issues.

    Laurel Road Fees

    There are charges for processes such as applying for the loan or closing the loan. That means no application fees, origination fees, or disbursement fees. There aren’t any penalties for prepayment either. Laurel Road want to keep the process of applying for a loan simple and transparent, through their online process, which we find refreshing and customer-friendly.

    Laurel Road Pros and Cons

    As part of the review process we look to outline areas of excellence as well as any potential issues we come across. These are presented below.


    • Quick decision
    • Easy online application
    • Discount for automatic monthly payments
    • No origination fees
    • Available in 50 states
    • Referral bonus of up to $400


    • Limited eligibility guidelines
    • Finding all the relevant information on the site can be difficult

    How to Apply for Laurel Road Loans

    The Laurel Road application form can be found online on their website. Once you click apply now, you will be asked to fill out your personal information, including your social security number. When you apply for a Laurel Road loan, they will perform a ‘soft inquiry’ to determine conditional rates, which does not impact your credit score. At a later stage in the process, they will seek your agreement to perform a ‘hard credit check’ as part of the loan approval process. After the credit check, you will receive the final rates and the terms of your loan. 

    At the beginning of the process, you will need to provide information about your status as a US citizen, your education, and your employment. In the second stage of the application, you will need to link your bank accounts to your profile or upload documents to assist in the verification of your credit score and financial information.

    Applying to Laurel Road with Bad Credit

    Although Laurel Road uses a team of financial experts to review your financial information beyond your credit score, if you have bad credit, you may still be unsuccessful in your application. There is an option to use a co-signer if you do not meet the underwriting criteria on your own.

    My Conclusion about Laurel Road Services

    Laurel Road’s personal loans that can be used as medical loans for a variety of purposes have several benefits. The quick and easy application process combined with the prompt decision and, following approval, the speedy payment of funds are all helpful in situations when an unexpected payment arises.