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    Get the Quality Vision Care You Need With Affordable

    Many of us suffer from bad eyesight in one way or another. Whether it be short or long-sightedness, astigmatism, or even an eye injury, we need to do something to make it better, or at least more manageable. A problem often arises, the treatments, glasses, and contact lenses can all be costly, and sometimes we don't have the funds to pay for them. This is especially true when suffering in an accident as this is always sudden and we usually don't budget for things like this. If we find ourselves in a difficult situation like this, it might be a good idea to start looking at vision care loans to help us pay for treatment and soften the blow of the high prices.

    Best Vision Care Loans
    • People with low credit scores are often approved
    • Loans can be used for a variety of reasons
    • Great customer support staff
    • High Probabilities of Approval
    • New to Credit borrowers
    • Fast funding
    • Checking their rates won’t affect your credit rating
    • Member bonuses
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    • Straightforward and speedy sign-up
    • Flexible payment options

    What Is Vision Care Financing?

    Vision care financing exists to help anyone who needs financial aid to pay for any vision treatment or equipment. It will provide extra funding to complete the required amount, or even lend all of the cost asked for. The lenders hope to assist families in paying for anything from a new pair of glasses to laser eye surgery. Many banks are against handing out loans for personal issues, so financing specific to vision care is the best option. Insurance options also exist, meaning that a small monthly fee will cover all kinds of treatments and prescriptions. This is an excellent idea to prevent one-time hefty sums in the case of an emergency.

    Vision Care Loan Process

    To take out a loan for anything related to vision care, you will need to go through a few steps and checks, to begin with. First off, an online search for different companies will bring up the best prices and companies to compare and find the right choice. Once a company is selected, you will need to get in contact by email or call them to get more information regarding your specific case. The company will take a look at what the money is required for and estimate how much they should lend. A price has to be agreed upon with the client and company. After this is done, the money will be sent to the client to use for vision care. There are varying amounts available ranging from something small like $1,000 to numbers up to $35,000, and perhaps even more.

    LASIK Financing Options

    Laser eye surgery is getting more popular each year, with people wanting to correct their site for life. With such an incredible procedure comes a hefty price tag; one that many can't afford. There are, however, a few options available to handle the payments. Most insurance plans won't cover this surgery as they see it as optional. Seeking out a company that deals with vision care cases is your best bet. They offer loans with monthly repayments from lower than $200. This makes it much more affordable and manageable for most people to pay back. Finding the right financing plan is essential.

    How to Pay For LASIK Eye Surgery

    A payment plan over a long period is the best way to make sure that the surgery gets paid for in full. Before choosing a company to loan from, check out their monthly payment options to see which is a good fit for your income. The lower the monthly payment may seem like the best choice, but bear in mind that when the loan is spread over a more extended period, the interest rates tend to be higher.

    How Much Does LASIK Cost?

    For most LASIK surgeries, you can expect to pay a little over $2000 for each eye. This makes it a minimum of $4000 if you want it done on both. This usually means many months of saving for a majority of us, so a financing plan is the best way to go.

    Main Financing For Vision Procedures

    For whatever procedure you need doing related to vision care, LASIK, or any other, you will likely need a fair amount of money for the operation. For this reason, a medical loan is a good idea to help you be able to afford it. There are various types of reasons why you might need to take one out. Let's take a look at a few.

    LASIK Eye Surgery

    There are many reasons why someone would want to undergo laser eye surgery. The desired outcome is to have excellent vision that can't get worse. The results are permanent, which makes it a costly procedure. Talking to a professional about financing is a great way to make sure you can afford the surgery. You will have to pay it back in monthly installments, but it makes things much more manageable.

    Cataract Surgery

    As we age, cataracts can appear, which makes it more difficult for us to see clearly. The lens becomes opaque, and we need surgery to replace the natural lens over the eye. This is a very delicate process and can cost us a large sum. It's a shame to dig into the retirement fund or use our month's pension on the procedure. Therefore, cataract financing should be looked into to be able to pay for it over time. That way, it won't wipe out your savings account.

    Refractive Surgery

    Using glasses or contacts daily can take its toll. Glasses can get in the way, and many people don't like to put contacts in their eyes. Refractive surgery improves the refractive state of your eye, so you don't need to use glasses or contacts as much, or at all. It can cost as much as LASIK, so it's certainly not cheap. Speaking with a professional to come up with a finance plan is an excellent way to manage fees over a more extended period.

    Glaucoma Surgery

    Glaucoma affects the optical nerve, so it can cause a lot of distress when it comes to vision. It's no wonder that people want to correct it. A lot of pressure builds up in the eye, and a tiny cut is needed to drain it. It can cost anywhere between $1,300 to $4,000, depending on where you go for the procedure. If you are in desperate need of surgery but can't pay for it right now, a loan will pay for it all at once, and then you can pay it back in installments.


    This is another way to treat those suffering from glaucoma. It's a newer way to go about it and uses the eyes' drainage system to relieve pressure. It can be expensive if you don't have insurance in place, so setting up a medical loan is a great way to manage the payment better.

    Eye Muscle Surgery

    Occasionally, problems with muscles in the eye can occur. It can affect the direction of your eye and make it more difficult to control movement. The surgery will help to realign your eye so that they both look in the same direction. Children more than adults need this surgery, and parents want the best for their kids. It can cost a lot, however. To make sure you can pay for the procedure and give your child corrected vision, financial planning will aid in paying for the surgery.

    Oculoplastic Surgery

    This covers a broad range of surgeries and procedures on the eye. They can range from tear ducts and eyelids to the face itself. A lot of these will take a big hit on your bank account, however. If you find that you can't pay for it all at once, a vision care loan can help to make the payment all at once, and then you pay it back over a specified period.

    Best Vision Care Loans

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    • Low credit score requirement
    • No prepayment penalty
    • Long terms of the loan
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    • BBB-accredited
    • Borrow between $2,000 and $25,000
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    Top 3 vision care loans

    Laurel Road

    Laurel Road is one of the best lending sources available when it comes to vision care. We rely on our eyes for so much in ordinary life that whenever anything goes wrong with them, we need to address any issues quickly and carefully. After all, you wouldn’ trust just anyone to perform the essential treatment you need to keep your eyes functioning the way they should, so you’ll want to go with a reputable ophthalmologist. Laurel Road is a lender that can provide you with the resources you need to cover the costs of surgery, aftercare, and medication, with flexible-term loans of up to $80,000. 

    The lender offers fixed APR starting from 5.5% and if you opt for direct debit payments, you’ll be eligible for a 0.25% discount on the full amount borrowed. Applications are done through its website and you’ll find out whether you’ve been approved within just a few minutes.


    If you’re in desperate need of eye surgery or some form of vision care, the last thing you want to think about is how you’ll afford it, or how your family will cope while you’re out of work. Eloan has put aside this worry for thousands of people across the US, ensuring they receive the treatment they need and with a loan that they can afford. Whether you have good credit or not, Eloan makes lending available to people with all financial backgrounds, putting its borrowers’ health first. 

    You can borrow from $2,000 to $35,000 and could see the amount debited to your account by the very next day. What’s more, its repayment terms are flexible and APR starts from just 8.99%, though this will be higher for borrowers with bad credit. If you need new glasses for the full family or help with existing medical bills, Eloan lending can provide the financing you need and with flexible monthly terms for repayment. 


    More than 900,000 people have turned to Prosper in order to get the financing they need for home improvements, purchasing a car or to consolidate debts. More than $14 billion has been approved so far since plenty of borrowers across the US turn to Prosper to help fund vision care of all varieties. The last thing you want to worry about is money when you need urgent treatment for your eyes, which is what makes Prosper the first choice for thousands of lenders. 

    Along with fixed interest rates and a clearly structured repayment plan, Prosper borrowers can receive their funding in as little as just three days. What’s more, the lender only requires a 640 score and making an application has no effect on your credit rating. Prosper does charge an origination fee but APR can be as low as 6.95%, depending on what your overall score is.

    Vision Care Loan with Bad Credit

    There are various reasons why a person may have a bad credit score, and it can affect their chances of getting a loan. However, when it comes to vision care, the door isn't completely closed. You may still be able to take out a loan because they are for smaller amounts of money, and you can show documents proving how much you earn at that moment in time. It isn't guaranteed, though. Your interest rates will likely be higher, too.

    My Opinion

    Medical procedures exist for many vision issues these days, and if we can improve our eyesight for good, then it's a great idea. Being able to see is one of the most fundamental things in our lives, so taking out a small loan to help pay for procedures is a great idea.